Holy City 2015-16: ‘THE GAP/ a… gap…?’

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Taking stock, dreaming big, making it up as we go along...

In 2015-16 the Holy City programme takes a different shape. The shape of recent years is ‘gone’… but not completely.

We’re taking a ‘gap year‘ to ask questions about our methods and opportunities for engagement, and what new ways may be needed. We’ve always been ready to change our patterns, to avoid being fixed, to consider better ways of speaking, listening, doing and connecting with new communities of folk. That’s what this session is all about.

Come and investigate the gaps with us. Who knows what new something-from-nothing we might create?

In October, we’ll be starting with ‘The End‘, a very informal get-together, and then concluding in June with ‘The Beginning‘, a big liturgical celebration. What happens in between is up for grabs... keep visiting the website for updates or sign-up for our eNews.

For more information of the 2015-16 Programme, ‘The Gap’ and details about all of these events, visit the Holy City page on www.wildgoose.scot.

These events above don’t cover all the Holy City activities in the coming session. We’ll also be doing Travelling Circuses, a couple of Traffic Island Slipped Disc and maybe even a Wee Sing. And there may be more…

Wild Goose will also be engaged in weewonderbox events, a series of organic happenings, in conjunction with the Iona Community.

So keep visiting the website for updates, sign-up for our eNews or contact us on [email protected] for more info.

(Note: these links takes you to our sign-up form and Holy City pages on our new website, www.wildgoose.scot)

In the past each Holy City evening has consisted of participative, reflective activities and liturgy engaging body, mind and spirit. It met monthly event, a rendezvous of faithful folk, curious enquirers and compelling doubters, drawn from the whole, glorious spectrum of Christian tradition, its edges and beyond. All are welcome, irrespective of practice or preference.

In 2015-16, we’ll be departing from this ‘standard’ format, but doing lots of other intriguing things that might equally get yer taste buds going.

Holy City is organised by the Wild Goose Resource Group of the Iona Community - John L. Bell, Jo Love and Graham Maule - and a fine and motley crew of citizens - the immaculate Holy City Planning Group, and in collaboration with Renfield St Stephens Church & The Iona Community.
Holy City is most generously hosted by the congregation and minister (Peter Gardner) of Renfield St Stephen's Centre in their Centre. We are deeply grateful for their long-standing support and hospitality. Nor should we forget those other stars and starlettes from RSS, our seductively lovely Tea Team: Sheila, Helen, Graham, Fiona & Alec.
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